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SGL GmbH is an internationally active logistics company specialising in the transport of bulk goods in the foodstuff and feed domain of the GMP+ sector.
As an owner-managed independent company, we have been coordinating our transport services from our main location in Salzgitter, Germany since 1994.
Our mission at SGL GmbH is to assist you daily with professional equipment and many years of experience with your transports in the bulk sector. That is why we stand for our speciality with our name SGL GmbH: bulk goods logistics (German: Schüttgut Logistik).
As a service provider, we at SGL GmbH see ourselves as a traditional transport company that brings your goods to your customers in the most efficient way.
As a specialist in foodstuff and feed logistics, competence and a high degree of trust are required, which we provide to our customers through many years of experience in our sector and through our promise of quality.


SGL GmbH transports bulk goods for the foodstuff and feed industry within the GMP+ sector.
Our company has GMP+ as well as IFS-Logistics certification to always ensure our quality promise to customers.
We transport various products for our customers, including malt for the brewing industry, cocoa for the chocolate industry, grain for the feed industry, and sugar for the foodstuff industry.
We have a fleet of over seventy trucks, as well as over eighty tipping trailers, and twenty silo trailers, which allows us a high degree of flexibility when it comes to efficient transport services.
Our strategic target area for our services is the whole of Europe, focusing on Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and France.
Our mission at SGL GmbH is to make our services as efficient as possible, while putting the quality and safety of our customers’ products first.
To ensure that we deliver on our quality promise, we regularly conduct internal training for our staff, ensuring that all relevant standards and regulations are met.

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